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"We just followed Debra for the 6 water color classes offered by the Chandler Center for the Art. Very relaxing class to watch even I don't paint for the whole class project. They're not hard and strict to learn. My kids enjoy the art work as well. We love the Koi fish the most."
koi fish, animals, fish-1868779.jpg
Wenjun Ray Ma
May 18, 2021
"I am really impressed by the fiber piece and all the detail you pull in. So much beauty in Sedona that the fiber piece does it more justice! Great work!"
background, embroidery, pattern-7566184.jpg
Renee Alvarez
January 15, 2024
"Your 'faux' work is always stunning!!!!"
marble, background, context-3534940.jpg
Molli Lovas
November 21, 2020