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I use my art to communicate an idea visually; it speaks of how I am innately wired. I enjoy playing with light, contrasting colors, and the use of mixed media in my fiber art. Drawing with my fabric needle gives me more depth to tell my story with the use of thread and line type. Things of nature and architecture are seen in my work. Mostly written words from our Creator and or the meaning of a subject are what inspire me to delve deeper to support an initial thought and concept. Though my work tends to be abstract it always has a meaning behind its forms and composition. Discovering the destination at the end of the creation process solidifies the whole, though it’s the journey I am truly after and what satisfies my soul. I begin with a compositional sketch, audition my colors, play with light by piecing layers of value from light to dark, and cut through the multiple layers that offer elements of mystery and intrigue. The result is just that.


Debra Goley is a fiber artist living in the west valley of Phoenix, Arizona since 2003. Her journey has taken her to live a life overseas from a young age, later practicing Architecture in Washington, DC, and Texas to now a full-time artist in Arizona. She earned her Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Texas, Austin, and is an award-winning international and inspirational artist. She is currently an educator for a public charter high school in the classics of art and instructs privately for all ages and exceptional needs. While her body of work is a broad spectrum of mediums, her latest focus is working with fiber. It is an exciting extension of her portfolio adding depth to her work after her mom left her with a plethora of fabric and a machine to draw with her needle.  Debra begins her designs by sketching to scale and allowing the form to follow as it may. Her life’s work is a continued exploration that has its roots in a life lived overseas with the experience of a multicultural community.  Debra’s work and teaching style represent a global influence. With each new project, her journey begins with an analysis of a subject that takes her design from concept to expression.  

Professional Affiliations

SAQA, Studio Artist Quilt Association, global, AZ, TX
Arizona Artist Guild, juried member, Phoenix AZ
West Valley Arts Council, Surprise AZ,
Shemer Art Center, Phoenix AZ
WHAM, Surprise AZ
Sedona Arts Center, Sedona AZ
Arts of Estrella, Goodyear AZ
4 Common Corners
IDAL, International Decorative Artisans League


“Digging for clues and knee-deep in paint…” –Debra Goley

It’s the mystery I’m after, not the solution. I have been influenced many times by a background in architecture, a lifetime of traveling and living abroad, and a love of people. My process involves putting down multiple layers of design, color, and composition, pausing after each layer to strategize over the next color mix and brushstroke. I usually have a recent place in mind or a quote I have read that seeks to be captured in the creative expressive movement in my work. I fall into a purposeful path of discovery: switchbacks, places of rest, milestones, and the ultimate visual ending. The fun occurs in unearthing it all, in a way that surprises me. The rest is history, and the result is wherever you end up.

Debra Goley, artist, muralist, and art instructor, pursues her passion including various media, acrylic, oil, mixed media, and fiber. Debra began her art career as a child with a small sketchbook and pursued it at the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Debra is actively involved in the community, using skills to paint murals in public and private venues. She serves as a full-time public and private art instructor and showcases art in various local galleries local galleries and international venues.

  • Cover Art for Publicity, “Architectural Spaces”, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix AZ 2023
  • Featured Art,“Cryptography” A gallery from 4 Common Corners,Quilting Arts, Summer 2023
  • Article, “Three Pieced, One Body”. Art Quilting Studio, Somerset, Fall 2020.
  • Featured Art “Blue Ice” through Music, live performance and recording by Café
  • Flutes “, Interpretations VIII”, Arizona Artist Alliance, AZ Humanities and Central AZ Flute Ensemble, at Wham Gallery, Surprise AZ 2023
    Video interview, “Expressions of The West”, Arts HQ, Surprise AZ 2021 
  • Video, “Go Tell It”, Quilt Alliance, Sacred Threads, Herndon VA 2020 
  • Video, “Go Tell It”, Quilt Alliance, International Quilt Festival, Houston TX 2019 
  • Featured Art “Purple Delight”, SAQA magazine, spring 2019
  • Featured Art,” Rhyme or Reason”, SAQA magazine, summer 2018
  • Art Illustrator, The Kind Bee: The Beequel Kindness Saves the World author Justin and Jamie Clarke, for the Honey Foundation, 2022
  • Art Illustrator, The Kind Bee Just Bee Cause, author Justin and Jamie Clarke, 2018
  • Featured Art SAQA Magazine 2017
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